Not All The Lost Live In Mud Huts!

“The people of Australia and New Zealand live in modern cities thinking they have everything they need without Christ and the church. We need to be as concerned for those countries as we do for people living in the developing world.” Dr. E. Richard Crabtree, Founder

Our Story

In 1970, a group of men met at the World Convention of Christian Churches in Adelaide, Australia. These men, from America, Australia, and New Zealand, realized that there was a severe lack of independent Christian Churches in the South Pacific region. They also noted that among the churches that did exist, many were not stable enough to provide teaching that was contemporary and biblically sound.

As a result, 15 of these men formed South Pacific Christian Fellowship. Their main goal was to provide well-trained preachers to existing churches in Australia and New Zealand, whenever needed. Secondly, they wanted to send consultants who could provide encouragement and direction to struggling churches. Lastly, they wanted to help restore the principals of Restoration Movement heritage. SPCF continued this form of ministry for 20 years.

In the mid-1990s, SPCF believed that they needed a new and fresh approach to ministry in the South Pacific. Therefore, they decided to work toward the establishment of a new church in a large metropolitan area of New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland. So in 1997 a team was sent to begin Shore Community Christian Church (Shore Community Church, Today). Shore Community Church is an autonomous and healthy church led by New Zealanders.

In 2015 SPCF became a ministry of a larger mission organisation called, New International ( Today South Pacific, New International continues to focus on church planting to Australia and New Zealand.

Current church plants & partnerships:


Shore Community Church, Auckland, NZ:
The Vine Community Church, Gulf Harbour, NZ
Rechurch, Christchurch, NZ:
Church Northwest, NZ:

Partner Churches:
NorthLakes Christian Church, Newcastle, Aus:

*** Additional church plant teams are currently being developed. If you are interested in knowing more about church planting with us click here.

Who Are the Independent Christian Churches? 
The churches planted by South Pacific are relationally connected to a movement of churches called the Independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.